Innovation transparency


Method and models:


  • Obvious - when you see them
  • Relevant no matter what state of project competencies your company has.
  • Easy to implement and maintain


Benelizer® is the method, which helps you develop your business in the direction you want by continually monitoring the health of ongoing initiatives, at all times allowing you to focus your attention on initiatives that best support your develoment goals and have the greatest chance of realization.


In short, Benelizer® allows you to maintain a high level of change while staying on track.






Take your innovation success-rate to the next level!


Innovation is the process of managing ideas to fullfill the expectations


Do you wonder why innovation activites hardly ever deliver more than promised?


'Keep it simple and use the knowledge you already have in the company' is my motto


Follow Lise Balstrup:

Strategy- & Innovation governance

Innovation management/

Innovations ledelse


Add to your insight and react in due time, while you change the organization, implement your strategy, integrate your latest acquisition or just need speed and focus on your customer projects:


  • Keep high speed without losing direction
  • Use the company forces on what really creates value
  • Get hold of innovation and its impact on bottom line
  • Have confidence in your functions, departments and colleagues


..with the Benelizer® method



Recognize this?


As CEO you know the strategic product development projects.

Investments, progress and expected output are presented to your management team, and top 3 projects to the board.


These projects usually counts for less than 15% of the accumulated product development resources.


And how are the remaining 85% resources administered?


Get insurance for the 100% of your innovation resources being spend on what really matters


Get an objective service check









360' as-is reivew

Succeed with important matters




Critical handovers

Business segmentation

Financial and non-financial dimensions



Follow impact on strategic and structural changes

Remove roadblocks:




Degree of difficulty


Prioritization & Mitigation plans



Deal with bottlenecks & add precision and energy in handovers

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